[SITE/MISC] man... | october 26th, 2020 (#6)

i really haven't updated this in 5 months... damn. i didn't even update my age on the main page. i kinda just forgot about this website. i've been more active on twitter and newgrounds, maybe even (oh god) furaffinity. it wasn't anything personal that stopped me from doing stuff with this website, i just lost all motivation to do so because i feel like shit all the time and because i'm an incompetent bitch.

self-deprecation aside, i am going to update the art archive. i also plan to do album reviews on the extras section soon, so maybe stay tuned for that. oh yeah, also, i'm gonna go work on a better header so i don't have to update it on each individual page (new twitter handle oops), maybe even with better icons. i really don't have anything else to say, so uh bye ig.


[SITE] new index page + contact me! | april 24th, 2020 (#5)

hey, i updated the index page to be more convinient, if you call having the topbar buttons there instead of a singular button leading to the homepage that. don't worry, i'll think of another way to use that daisy image soon.

in other news, you can now contact me via email! why email? because i don't feel like sharing my discord tag to randos. the button's original purpose was for it to link to an ask me anything page inspired by the "ask" feature on tumblr, but then i said fuck it and made it a generalized contact me button. you can now email me dumb shit, have fun.


[SITE/MISC] fuck im sorry | april 12th, 2020 (#4)

hey, i just realized that the link to the only entry in the dream journal leads to a 404 page so i fixed that like the dumbass i am. unless you figured out how to get there via url, you can now go read it without any problems.

in other news, a bunch of friends and i put together one of those rap battle videos.

just a quick warning it's stupid as fuck lol

also, if you come from newgrounds, welcome!


[SITE] new content and plans | april 9th, 2020 (#3)

i have finally added some content to the art page and the dream journal. not much: just one entry for each, but hey, these pages don't look like the fucking backrooms anymore. you should check 'em out some time.

also, i've been planning to advertise the website via neolink and bannerlink, but only when i think there's enough content. another plan is to get the ama page up and running properly asap, but i'm still figuring out how.


[MISC/SITE] how to disappoint someone from 2010 | march 25th, 2020 (#2)

this guy from 2010 decided to open up a complex time paradox and visit my website, despite the fact that it would only exist at all 10 years later.

my website is so advanced for the time that he had to switch to chrome (or an old version of it, that can run on windows xp) and even with that, the webring navigator and the ads weren't working!

spoiler alert: he actually thought the 2ds was a sequel to the ds, he was disappointed because he expected info on it in the gamin' page but got a neocities default page. i dont blame him, i would think that too if it was 2010.

now, the normal human being, who would check the upload date to see if this was actually from 2010 and be just as disappointed to find out that it was uploaded today.

"thomas, this video is from today, not 10 y-"

shut up and enjoy the 480p goodness! it's fun to see your website in glorious early youtube quality!

speaking of that page... it has content now! most of the gamin' pages don't go to the default neocities page anymore!

go check it out!


[SITE] Welcome! | march 25th, 2020 (#1)

hello, welcome to my blog. i'll post here every so often. it'll often discuss updates on my stuff or whatever the fuck. blog posts will be tagged like the following:

[ACNL] - my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town (radicalville)

[TL] - my Tomodachi Life island (bruhzil island)

[osu!] my progress on osu! (mania or taiko, maybe catch)

[SITE] - d-ac itself

[PERSONAL] - my own personal life

[PROJECT] - a project i'm working on

[MISC] - other random shit

if the post focus on 2+ different topics at once and requires more than one tag, both tags will be included like this for example: [SITE/PERSONAL]

new tags might be added later, but for now peace