I had a dream where I had a pitpull who would bite my hand all the time and I would be abusive to him because of that, but it looks we both changed our ways as soon as I found a Game Boy Color that looked like the original model. There was already a game in the cartridge slot: a Smurfs side-scrolling platformer that played nothing like The Smurfs Nightmare.

I could select levels via a strange, but generic level select screen. I don’t know how to describe it, but here’s a mock-up of it:

We selected a level and then we were controlling a smurf, that looks like the one we control from the afore mentioned Smurfs Nightmare, in what seems to be the outside part of Flying Battery Zone from Sonic Mania with auto-scrolling. An enemy showed up, a floating carnival mask.

But out of nowhere it cuts to an Angry Videogame Nerd episode, where he’s apparently reviewing the same game. The video was probably newer and in high quality but it was recorded on the room that you’d see in older episodes. He yells:

- Why the fuck are there masks? I did some research on this, these masks were designed by Jacques Marques, here’s one of his amazing works.

And then it cuts to a cheesy 80’s TV broadcast of apparently whoever Jacques Marques is performing a song, it was possibly the worst thing I’ve ever heard be generated from my brain, the vocals almost didn’t match the melody of the song most of the time. I barely remember the lyrics but I tried to recreate them from what I recall:


I was strolling around the city

And this kitty-cat called Marv moved into town


And that's it.